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The Dark Knight European premiere: Report and footage

The Dark Knight UK premiere

Story by Jack Foley

BATMAN fans were treated to an evening of Hollywood spectacle when The Dark Knight received a lavish and star-studded European premiere in London’s Leicester Square on July 21, 2008.

On the same day as the sequel confirmed its record-breaking US success, the stars of the film along with its director, Christopher Nolan, attended the red carpet event, signing autographs and chatting to assembled reporters.

Huge flames also leapt into the air and a giant batmobile – weighing in at a mighty 2.5 tonnes – raced down the red carpet as fans cheered from behind barriers.

The film, which features the late Australian actor as The Joker, is already being hailed as a masterpiece by most critics, many of whom have tipped Ledger to land a posthumous Oscar next February.

His co-stars, including Christian Bale, Sir Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart, have backed the campaign and each took it in turns to pay tribute to his memory and talent at various press conferences held earlier in the day.

The Dark Knight opens in UK cinemas on Thursday, July 24, and is widely expected to sell most cinemas out this weekend.

London’s IMAX cinema – which also staged its own premiere on Monday – is already holding around the clock viewings, the majority of which are sold out well into its second week.

A spokesman for the IMAX was delighted to confirm that demand had far exceeded expectation but fans are determined to see the film in the biggest screen possible, particularly as Nolan has shot six sequences especially in IMAX format (the first time this has been done for a film). The scenes in question literally fill the IMAX screen and are jaw-dropping.

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