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The Dark Knight Rises beats Total Recall to remain on top of US box office

The Dark Knight Rises

Story by Jack Foley

THE Dark Knight Rises remains on top of the US box office in what proved to be another soft weekend in general.

Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie took $36.4 million in its third weekend to take its US total so far to $354.6 million.

But while Batman continued to pull audiences in, new releases such as Colin Farrell’s Total Recall remake, had relatively disappointing first weekends as cinema goers continued to stay away in the wake of the Colorado shootings and the success of The Olympics.

Total Recall opened to a soft $26 million, contrary to some pre-weekend predictions that had suggested it could surpass $30 million. The remake cost at least $125 million to produce.

But Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer remains optimistic of the film’s future box office earning potential, particularly when taking global figures into account.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “We opened within that realm and I think the film will be very successful on a world-wide basis. When you consider the scope of the movie and all the special effects, it was made for a very reasonable price.”

Another new opener that under-performed was family flick Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, the third film in the franchise, which came in on the low end of expectations with $14.7 million.

However, that film cost a modest $22 million to produce so is on course to break even at the very least.

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