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The Expendables 3 - Kellan Lutz and Jason Statham interview

The Expendables 3

Interview by Rob Carnevale

KELLAN Lutz and Jason Statham talk about making The Expendables 3 and – in Lutz’s case – what he brought to the franchise as one of the new recruits. They also reflect on some of their favourite movie-making experiences.

They were speaking at a UK press conference.

Q. Which was the worst injury that you suffered while making this film?
Kellan Lutz: We did a lot of stunts. We had things blowing up in our faces. I didn’t really get hurt on anything. But I learned how to use a motorcycle and I dropped that a few times over a tank, but that’s about it.

Jason Statham: I snapped a shoe lace. It was very depressing [laughs].

Q. What do you think you brought to The Expendables 3?
Kellan Lutz: To me, there’s a duality between Barney Ross [Stallone] and John Smilee [Lutz’s character]. You know, you never really see the young Barney and there’s an essence of who John is and how he becomes, through the journey of the script through potentially [Expendables] 4, 5, 6 through to 10, the new Barney. Ideally, you’ll see that development open up a bit more. So, my character doesn’t smile. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders from his past and Barney Ross gets in there. He’s one of the people that can actually get into his head. He’s a bit more of a drama queen, I guess.

Q. What was your audition like for The Expendables 3?
Kellan Lutz: Well, this dates back to 2009 when the first Expendables came around. There was a young Expendable in there and I auditioned. It was during the Twilight years. For some reason, I had a black eye and some scraps from some stunt I was doing, so Sly liked that. He thought I could take a hit. But due to dates and them re-writing the script, they took the character out and I wasn’t in it. So, I was kind of bummed.

But then the third one came around and it was a whole legion of young Expendables. I worked with [producer] Avi Lerner on [The Legend of] Hercules and he kept on pushing Expendables 3 during the meetings for Hercules. I was like: “What about Hercules?” And he was: “Yeah, yeah, but in Expendables 3, we’re thinking about doing this.” So, from day one I wanted to be a part of it. I’m a huge action junkie, I’m a huge fan of Jason [Statham] and Sly and Arnie and all of these guys. You’ve got Blade in here and Zorro. So, I went up to his house and talked with Sly and he gave me the seal of approval. His daughters are big Twilight fans, so that always helps.

Q. You’ve had a lot of great action in your careers, so do you have a favourite moment, or stunt scene, that you’re particularly proud of from any film you’ve done?
Kellan Lutz: You know, honestly, being a part of this movie. To date, I’ve only done a few action movies. I love doing them. But the one [scene] that stands out is when all of us are in the helicopter and we have Sly running… just having all these people coming together and cracking jokes in the helicopter. You have Victor Ortiz farting. We were all locked in, so we couldn’t fall out of the helicopter and you were imprisoned by that gas.

And Jason?
Jason Statham: I’ve done a lot of different things, like riding jet-skis and things. But one that sticks in my memory would possibly be a fist fight outside a helicopter standing on the skids in a movie called Crank. That was quite adrenaline-fuelled. It was a pretty scary moment because we actually took off from a tall building, so there was no adjustment to leaving the ground. You had to get used to it. We were already 2,000 feet in the air, so as you come to the edge, you get a serious sort of rush. So, that one sticks in my mind and I’ll never forget that day.