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The Fast & Furious 6 headed to UK

Fast & Furious 5

Story by Jack Foley

THE Fast & The Furious 6 is heading to the UK, according to various reports and a potential new cast member.

Justin Lin, director of the film, has already hinted that events in the sixth instalment would be taking place overseas, with filming due to take place in London and Berlin.

And he’s said that it will also follow the heist format adopted so successfully by its predecessor, Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist.

Luke Evans has also been cast as the leader of a rival heist gang attempting to pull off the same job as Vin Diesel’s crew, in a role originally earmarked (but declined) by Jason Statham.

But with Evans casting now locked down, the search is reportedly on for other members of his crew with Snow White & The Huntsman star Joey Ansah in the running.

Speaking exclusively to IndieLondon, Ansah – who is also known for playing the Moroccan assassin in The Bourne Ultimatum – said: “If you remember, they were initially courting Jason Statham for a role in the movie, so the part I’d be up for would be part of that character’s crew.

“I think they intend to film in the UK and I would be part of a potential rival car crew to Vin’s. I think Luke Evans, who was in Immortals, has now been cast as the character Statham was being courted for. So, I’m sure they’ll start casting the rest of the UK cast soon. We’ll see…”

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