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The House Bunny - Anna Faris interview

Anna Faris in The House Bunny.

Interview by Rob Carnevale

ANNA Faris talks about starring in and producing The House Bunny and what it was like to gain access to the Playboy Mansion and getting to grips with skimpy Playmate outfits and exceedingly high heels.

She also talks about meeting Hugh Hefner, why she’d like to continue producing and why she feels the message behind the movie even managed to translate to her fellow cast members…

Q. What was it about The House Bunny that appealed to you as both star and producer?
Anna Faris: Years ago, I was thinking about this type of character and what happens when you’ve lived in this sort of strange, surreal world where it’s parties all the time and then you don’t get to live there anymore. What do you do with the rest of your life? So, I was thinking about that and pitched it to the writers of Legally Blonde. They wrote it and, together, with pitched and sold it to Happy Madison. For me, it was important to create a movie… I was tired of getting sent scripts where the woman is the straight character to the guy who gets to have all the fun. So, I wanted to do something different and, through this process, it was very inspiring. It made me feel I could be a little bit more pro-active in my own career.

Q. Will you continue producing?
Anna Faris: I would love to. We were very lucky because Happy Madison [Adam Sandler’s company] and Sony supported us so much. We were able to get the movie made very quickly. So, I don’t know if I’ll have as good an experience, but I loved producing, I loved being behind the scenes and making some decisions.

Q. How easy was it to get access to the Playboy Mansion?
Anna Faris: I think it took some phone calls, probably from Adam Sandler [laughs]. But they were really supportive. We totally took over their home but they were great to us and really love the movie. We had the premiere party there, so they were great.

Q. Was there anything that surprised you about the mansion once you got to have a look around?
Anna Faris: There were bottles of baby oil in random places… and no babies! [Laughs and pulls a funny face]

Q. Did you dare ask?
Anna Faris: No, but it was like: “Oh, there’s another one!”

Q. What’s Hugh Hefner like in person?
Anna Faris: He’s very charming. He’s disarmingly charming and you could see why he has so many ladies in his life. He’s just a very warm, friendly sort of gentleman.

Q. Is it true that he asked you to pose for Playboy?
Anna Faris: [Laughs and blushes] Yes. I did the cover but in clothes, which made my mum happy!

Q. What was it like wearing some of the outfits in the film – because they don’t always leave a lot to the imagination…
Anna Faris: There were days when I just kept asking: “Please, could I just stay in my sweat pants?!?” But it was really fun. I think I had 53 outfit changes, which was crazy. Initially I was really modest and I’d come to the set with a big robe on and only take it off when it was time to shoot. But after a while, I was like: “Oh, who cares? Nobody cares anymore!”

Q. And the high heels? Some of them looked awkward to walk in…
Anna Faris: I loved those high heels. I kept all of them. I didn’t fall… there was a couple of times where I was a bit wobbly. But I figured that if I fell I was going to break my leg, so I just resolved not to fall.

Q. You seem to have a great chemistry with the fellow cast members and sorority girls. Is it the case that you’ve stayed friends?
Anna Faris: We’ve all kept in touch. I’m really proud that all the girls have become really good friends with each other because that was the message of the movie. I was a little bit worried that, you know, if you get a lot of actresses together in one room you don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen. But we were really lucky. Everyone was so kind and supportive to each other, and that was the message that I wanted to convey.

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