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The Lake House - Keanu Reeves interview

Keanu Reeves in The Lakehouse

Interview by Rob Carnevale

KEANU Reeves talks about reuniting with Speed co-star Sandra Bullock in romantic drama, The Lake House.

Q. What was it like working together again for the first time since Speed?
A. It was nice.

Q. Have you kept in touch over the years?
A. Yeah, we’ve kept in touch over the years, had some dinner and some visits, which have been really nice.

Q. What attracted you to The Lake House? Had you been offered many that would have reunited you with Sandra?
A. I think we responded to the material. It was a really good romance, originally told. In terms of being offered scripts over the years, not really.

Q. Do you think the fantastical element of The Lake House might make it harder for audiences to accept?
A. Well, Sandra and I obviously liked that element to it. But if you don’t accept the fantastical element of it then you’re not going to like it. The point is, I think, that we’re hoping that audiences will get past trying to make sense of it because you can’t. Ultimately, you should just root for these two people to be together. It’s a metaphor, perhaps, to let your rational self go and not think about it too much. Just be open to it.

Q. Which scenes in The Lake House touched you the most?
A. I like our scene together on the porch. But I also like the scenes I did personally with Christopher Plummer. There’s a lot of stuff in this film about family.

Q. Would you prefer people to enjoy the film or big box office?
A. I hope people enjoy the film, that’s why we made it.

Q. What do you appreciate most about Sandra as a performer and co-star?
A. Sandra’s always been able to do anything. It’s just nice that we’re getting the chance to see more and more of her doing different things.

Q. Have you seen the original Taiwanese film?
A. I haven’t seen the original, no. I didn’t really feel it was necessary. This film is so re-conceived that I didn’t have to go to a source to deal with this story.

Q. Since the film opened, many films have favourably compared the chemistry between yourself and Miss Bullock to that between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. How does that make you feel?
A. That’s very nice. I hadn’t heard that before.

Q. What’s your favourite romantic movie?
A. Well today I’ll pick Wings Of Desire by Wim Winders.

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