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The Last Exorcism Part II - Trailer

The Last Exorcism, Part II

Produced by acclaimed horror prodigy Eli Roth, The Last Exorcism Part II is the sequel to the 2010 Box Office No. 1, which opens in cinemas on March 15, 2013.

Deep in rural Louisiana, Nell Sweetzer awakens from a horrific chain of events with no recollection of what happened before.

Unable to remember her terrifying exorcism, and with the footage from her ordeal spreading its way across the Internet, she is forced to confront the return of the demonic evil that seeks to consume her; this time it doesn’t intend to fail.

The film also stars Julia Garner, Andrew Sensenig and Judd Lormand and is directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly.

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Watch the trailer:

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