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The Lone Ranger - Tom Wilkinson and Ruth Wilson interview

The Lone Ranger

Interview by Rob Carnevale

TOM Wilkinson and Ruth Wilson talk about the making of The Lone Ranger and some of the challenges this involved, as well as why they were inspired to sign up. They were speaking at a UK press conference…

Q. Tom, what a great character to get your teeth into – did you embrace that and have fun with it?
Tom Wilkinson: Oh yes, when I was sent the script… if by the end of reading it for the first time you sort of know how to do it then you’re going to do it. That’s what I felt about this, it was something that was all of a piece, it was something I understood and something I was flattered to be asked to be in. At the same time I’m a big fan of westerns, so I thought ‘do it!’.

Q. Rebecca is a great character Ruth, did you draw inspiration from anywhere or anyone to play her?
Ruth Wilson: Not really, obviously the stereotypical lady in the west is the damsel in distress, attached to the railway line. I was quite insistent with Gore that I wanted to be a bit tougher, and snap back and scratch back and spit back. So I did. I’ve seen lots of westerns, but I sort of made her my own as well.

Q. Tom, you’ve mentioned being a fan of Westerns. Did you have any idols within the genre?
Tom Wilkinson: Well, I can tell you what inspired me to say yes to be in this movie, which was that the Western is about my favourite genre, and at the top of my list of Westerns. In fact, very near the top of my list of all time great films – is The Wild Bunch by Sam Peckinpah. So there’s something about that energy that made me say yes indeed to Gore Verbinski when he asked me to be in this one. So, Sam Peckinpah.

Q. Ruth, you and Helena are the only women on screen, did you find you were given special treatment by the guys, perhaps inspired by the genteel manners of the period you were portraying? And how was it playing a strong female character without sociopathic tendencies?
Ruth Wilson: It was fun actually. I’ve got three older brothers, I’ve grown up with men, so I’m used to getting down and dirty with the boys. I quite enjoy it. But also on set half the crew are women, make-up and costume, so you don’t feel the odd one out or the only one. I just like to compete with them, to keep up with them and challenge. This was brilliant, it was great to be in a western, as a Brit in a western – quite cheeky. It was loads of fun, so no, I just enjoyed it went with it.

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