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The Paperboy (Nicole Kidman/Zac Efron) Trailer

The Paperboy

THE Paperboy, starring Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and John Cusack, with David Oyelowo, Macy Gray and Scott Glenn, is released on March 15, 2013.

New York Times’ best-selling author Pete Dexter, writer of such American classics as Paris Trout and Deadwood, adapted his book of the same name for the big screen with director Lee Daniels (who last helmed the Academy Award-winning Precious).

The story follows two brothers: Ward Jansen (McConaughey), a reporter for the esteemed daily newspaper, The Miami Times, and Jack Jansen (Efron), a recent college dropout who lives in a small town in central Florida with their gutless father, W.W. Jansen (Glenn).

When Ward shows up with his writing partner, Yardley Acheman (Oyelowo), to investigate a story for their paper, Ward asks Jack to drive them around. The reason Ward is in town is that Charlotte Bless (Kidman), an enigmatic loner who writes to prisoners on death row, has convinced them that Hillary Van Wetter (Cusack), an unsavoury alligator hunter from the backwoods, was wrongly convicted at a trial that took place near their hometown.

As the investigation unravels, it becomes clear that these brothers are on a journey that is filled with betrayal. The only thing that remains constant is that there is this strange, beautiful woman who falls in love with killers and her passion could be everyone’s downfall.

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