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The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Robert Pattinson interview

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Interview by Rob Carnevale

ROBERT Pattinson talks about coping with the fans on The Twilight Saga: New Moon and how being involved in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire franchise compares to Harry Potter.

He also talks about how he’s handling his massive global celebrity and getting into buff shape for the sequel…

Q. How much inter-action with the Twi-hards did you have? And do you feel any pressure from them? Or do they love you now?
Robert Pattinson: Arguably. No, there has never been any pressure from anyone I don’t think, other than right at the very beginning before the first film came out. I think they [the Twi-hards] like being part of the club and they mobilize against people who criticise the series… so, they like the films and are very supportive of anyone who has anything to do with the films.

Q. The new Vanity Fair paints a picture of a life lived trapped in a hotel room? Is that true?
Robert Pattinson: [Laughs] It’s funny because I never have a huge amount of foresight in these interviews so I end up describing my day rather than the surrounding months. So, when we did that [the interview]… I was kind of trapped in a hotel room when we did the last one in Vancouver but there are always ways and places you can disappear to. It just involves a bit more thought. You can’t just wander around willy-nilly.

Q. Do you mind that? Is that part of the price you pay?
Robert Pattinson: Well, it’s still such a novelty for me still. If I’m still stuck in hotel rooms in 10 years and the only way of dealing with it is hiding then it probably will annoy me a little bit but if you’re just working the whole time you don’t really think about it. You go from press trip to movie to press trip the whole time, so I’ll guess I’ll see what it’s really like in the next two or three years.

Q. How does Twilight compare with being part of the Harry Potter franchise?
Robert Pattinson: When I went into Harry Potter it was the fourth one so everybody knew each other and people had moved to Leavesden… the crew have been working on it for 10 years, so that was their full-time job, everybody knew each other, and people had married each other on the crew. Everything was so well oiled. So, coming to Twilight, I don’t know if it was like the first Harry Potter but it was interesting to see the different warring energies. I think the studio knew they had a trilogy at the time and people thought that certain criteria had to met to set up that sort of franchise and Catherine [Hardwicke] obviously had an indie background, so she wanted to do that… so, it was kind of a volatile set in many ways.

But I think the success of the first one made everything very clear for the second so it was weird being in a franchise at an embryonic level. Everyone says: “Oh, you must have know what you were getting into because the books had sold so many copies…” But it was hard to find someone who had heard of Twilight before the movie came out, and you couldn’t buy it… I remember looking for the book in London and it was difficult to find. So, even though we did a multiple picture deal I had no idea that there were going to be sequels. So, it’s been interesting.

Q. I’ve heard you like doing open mic nights. Has that been affected by Twilight and do you still want to do more with your music?
Robert Pattinson: Yeah, I do want to mainly because I want to do gigs again. But I guess the only way to do gigs is to do an album to kind of silence everyone first and then you can do as many gigs as you want. I really miss it. But I am really afraid of it being overshadowed by this because I haven’t done any gigs or released anything for ages. But I think it also makes you set your standards higher because you need to overshadow this massive fame, so it’s tough – you’ve got to be winning Grammys and stuff before you do another open mic.

Q. What do you do in your downtime and have you had to give up anything?
Robert Pattinson: I never did much in the first place so that has probably helped me out a little bit [laughs]. When you’re working all the time you’re just doing the same thing, it doesn’t matter what your status is like outside of the job, you’re waking up at 5.30am and going home too tired to do anything else other than go to bed, so it doesn’t make any difference really what’s happening outside the hotel. I really miss driving. I never had a car in London so having got my car in LA last summer I only really had a few months driving without having 10 cars following me around, so I’m too scared to drive now! That’s a little annoying. But I do very basic, standard things on my downtime.

Q. Would it be good to be immortal?
Robert Pattinson: If I stayed at my exact same state and mental capacity then I wouldn’t want to be immortal. I wouldn’t want to be considered young forever. I like the kind of innate wisdom that comes with getting old. People just think you know more and tend to give you a bit more respect. I would quite like to be able to choose how old I am on any given day… like: “Today, if I was 96 years old…”

Q. How did you handle the topless scenes? Was it hard to get that hot body?
Robert Pattinson: It’s all natural [laughs]. There’s a high nipple count in this movie! I was terrified because I hadn’t worked out at all and then I saw Taylor at the beginning of the year and felt incredibly inadequate. I felt emasculated next to him with my pre-pubescent girl’s body and A-cups!

Q. How do you cope with the fans’ screaming? And how do you prepare yourself for that kind of adoration?
Robert Pattinson: I wear a lot of layers so they can’t see you hyper-ventilating. That’s a good technique.

Q. How has your family reacted to your fame?
Robert Pattinson: My family are kind of, not clueless, but I still don’t think they’ve realised what has been going on in America because they live in London. So, I don’t think they really know what I’m doing, and they have trouble understanding that I’m supposed to be an actor – in the same way I do [laughs]. It’s a very confusing thing to see… even something like someone coming up to you on set and asking if you want a coffee. They think: “Why are you asking him, he should be getting his own coffee!”

Q. If you could go back and audition again. Would you? And whose role would you like to play other than your own?
Robert Pattinson: I’ve always wanted Taylor [Lautner]‘s part, even when we’re doing scenes together [laughs].

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