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The Wackness at Edinburgh: Graffiti wall marks European premiere

The Wackness

Story by Jack Foley

HIP new film The Wackness received its European premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Friday (June 20, 2008) and its arrival was marked in suitably hip style.

Festival Square was turned into a graffiti artists’ paradise when a 15×3 metre high graffiti wall was erected to enable a celebrated graffiti artist to draw a New York skyline to surround the two lead characters in the film, played by Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck.

Members of the public then had the opportunity to show off their own artistic talents by spray painting onto the trademarked wall.

If that wasn’t enough, award-winning break-dancers ‘Psycho Stylez’ then jammed to The Wackness soundtrack, which includes hip-hop hits from the 90’s.

Set in New York City, in 1994, The Wackness follows the fortunes of Luke (Josh Peck) and Dr. Squires (Sir Ben Kingsley) as they reach a crossroads in their lives.

Luke, the high-school drug dealer, is struggling with his social status, while Dr. Squires and his rehab-addicted wife (Famke Janssen) can barely tolerate each other.

Luke and Squires agree to help each other find happiness – Luke takes therapy sessions in return for weed. The two bond until Luke’s attention turns to Dr. Squires’ attractive young stepdaughter, Stephanie (Olivia Thirlby), which in turn causes the already fragile Doctor to lose it completely…

The Wackness won the audience award for best drama at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and opens in UK cinemas on August 29, 2008.

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