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The Wolf of Wall Street is an 'indictment' of its world, says DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street

Story by Jack Foley

LEONARDO DiCaprio has described controversial blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street as an indictment of the world it represents.

Speaking exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said that the film deliberately unfolds from its protagonist’s perspective to show the world from the inside, as opposed to looking at its victims. But that doesn’t mean to say that director Martin Scorsese is endorsing what’s shown or even sympathising with them.

The film is based on the true story of stock trader Jordan Belfort, who eventually went to prison for stock market manipulation.

And explaining the film’s approach, DiCaprio said: “It is an indictment of this world. We don’t like these people, you know what I mean? But we very consciously said, “Let’s insulate the audience in the mindset of what these people’s lives were like so we better understand something about the very culture that we live in.”

“We very purposely didn’t do the traditional approach of cutting away to the people affected by this. To me, it was an intoxication of this insane ride, of this ship that just moves forward, and you don’t see the wake of their destruction. These people are obsessed with greed, wealth, hedonism, and consumption at all costs, and they don’t care about anyone except themselves.”

He added: “It’s getting people to immerse themselves in that mindset for a few hours and seeing what that does to you on a psychological level… Jordan was much different back then than he is today, but I understood his mindset. And that, ultimately, I think, is why we wanted to do this movie, because this is in the very fabric of our culture, this mindset, and it’s a very destructive one.”

The Wolf of Wall Street opens in UK cinemas on January 17, 2014.

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