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Timur Bekmambetov's Spacewalk premieres to buyers at Cannes


Story by Jack Foley

TIMUR Bekmambetov’s Russian language adventure thriller Spacewalk will premiere for buyers in Cannes, it has been announced.

The film brings the story of the race to space during the Cold War to a new audience.

A hot-headed test-pilot and a seasoned war veteran are chosen to complete the first spacewalk mission above earth and the brave men risk it all to achieve what has not been done before. Facing looming danger and unknown obstacles, the unlikely duo must work together to survive and succeed against all odds.

Commenting on the passion project, Bekmambetov said: “Spacewalk is a project that is dear to my heart. When we were shooting it, we worked closely with Alexey Leonov, the Soviet astronaut who was the first to walk in space.

“His story is so fascinating and has so many beautiful visual elements in it that it had to be told in the form a feature film. The film is already showing great success in its domestic release in Russia and we know the international markets will love it as well.”

Directed by Dmitry Kiselyov (Day Watch, Six Degrees of Celebration) and written by Yuri Korotkov, Sergei Kaluzhanov (Mamy), Irina Pivovarova, Dmitry Pinchukov, and Oleg Pogodin (Home), the captivating true story stars Konstantin Khabenski (Wanted, Admiral) and Evgeny Mironov (Idiot, Burnt by the Sun).

Released in Russia in April 2017, the thriller is nearing $10 Million USD at the Russian box office.

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