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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz dazzle at Knight & Day premiere

Knight & Day UK Premiere

Story by Jack Foley

TOM Cruise and Cameron Diaz put on a show for film fans in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday (July 22, 2010), when they attended the UK premiere of their new movie, Knight & Day.

Cruise spent his customary time mingling with the crowds, posing for photos, speaking to people on their mobile phones and signing autographs… and was accompanied on this occasion by co-star Diaz and director James Mangold (of Walk The Line and 3.10 To Yuma fame).

Knight & Day finds Cruise playing a rogue spy who must protect an innocent woman (Diaz) after she unwittingly becomes drawn into the cat-and-mouse game he is playing with shady government officials. Matters become complicated for both when they fall for each other.

Mangold has described the film as a throwback to films such as North By Northwest and Charade, which deliberately avoids becoming another spy movie like Cruise’s Mission: Impossible movies or the James Bond films.

And Diaz said the film was immense fun to make, even though some of the stunts were hair-raising. She said she had wanted to work with Cruise again ever since appearing with him in Vanilla Sky.

The ensuing action-adventure was greeted with a lukewarm response by critics in America and has so far under-performed at the US box office – a point which Mangold was keen to describe as “unfair” while speaking at a UK junket the day after the premiere.

When asked if he thought there was too much expectation placed upon Tom Cruise movies, he agreed and predicted that the movie would more than make up its production costs once world-wide box office had been taken into account.

He also paid tribute to the professionalism and dedication of both Cruise and Diaz while making the film, as well as the hard work of his entire crew, who had been tireless in bringing the film together while shooting in five different countries.

Diaz dazzled in a sparkly silver Stella McCartney mini-dress and black high heels, while Cruise looked relaxed in a navy blue shirt, jeans and a pair of black shoes.

View footage from and photos from the premiere

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