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Tom Cruise eyes Jack Nicholson reunion on El Presidente

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Story by Jack Foley

TOM Cruise is looking to reunite with Jack Nicholson for new comedy, El Presidente.

According to various online reports, Cruise wants Nicholson to play the title character – an alcoholic, womanising former US president.

Directed by Doug Liman, El Presidente would see Cruise playing a straight-arrow US Secret Service agent assigned to protect the country’s worst-ever former commander-in-chief. However, the pair are forced to go on the run when an assassination attempt is made on the former president’s life.

The film is based on a screenplay by British comedy writer Jesse Armstrong, Daniel J Goor and Paul Attanasio.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise and Liman visited Nicholson at his Hollywood Hills home to convince him to take the role.

The acting legend had previously stated that he was no longer sure whether Hollywood wanted to make the films he was interested in making.

Speaking to The Sun at a time when he came out to deny rumours that he had quit acting completely, he said: “The movie business is the greatest business, but I only want to do films that move people, films about emotions and people. [But] I had the most chilling thought that maybe people in their 20s and 30s don’t actually want to be moved any more. They may want just to see more bombs, more explosions, because that is what they have grown up with. And I’ll never do that type of movie.”

Cruise memorably appeared alongside Nicholson in 1992’s A Few Good Men, in which the two shared a memorable court-room exchange that has become the stuff of legend.

Cruise has reportedly told Nicholson he would not make El Presidente without him, although it is not yet known whether that was enough to convince Nicholson to sign on – although he did apparently agree to read the script.

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