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Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher most complained about film of 2013

Jack Reacher

Story by Jack Foley

TOM Cruise action thriller Jack Reacher was the most complained about film of 2013.

According to figures released by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in its annual report, the adaptation of the popular Lee Child novel attracted 26 complaints about the 12A rating the film had received.

The certificate enables children under 12 to see it so long as they are accompanied by an adult. In order to gain the certificate, Jack Reacher had to make two cuts that, according to the BBFC website, involved “a woman being suffocated by a man and a man being hit over the head with a rock”.

However, some viewers still found the film’s content unsuitable for children and wasted no time in contacting the BBFC to air their grievances.

The BBFC said: “Despite a number of reductions made to scenes of violence to achieve a 12A certificate, those who contacted us considered the film too violent, dark and sadistic for 12-year-olds, and inappropriately presented the hero as a vigilante figure.”

However, whil Jack Reacher was the clear winner for 2013, it came nowhere near to attracting as many complaints as the most complained about film of the year before.

That honour went to Daniel Radcliffe’s The Woman in Black, which drew 134 complaints after also being given a 12A certificate.

Tom Cruise is set to reprise his role as Jack Reacher in a sequel, which will feature the recently published Never Go Back novel.

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