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Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wheatley to reunite for Frank Miller adaptation

The Deep Blue Sea

Story by Jack Foley

TOM Hiddleston is to reunite with writer-director Ben Wheatley for an adaptation of the Frank Miller and Geof Darrow comic book series Hard Boiled.

Published by American company Dark Horse Comics between 1990 and 1992, the stories followed Carl Seltz, an insurance investigator, who discovers he is also a homicidal cyborg tax collector who happens to be the last hope of an enslaved robot race.

There have been various attempts to bring Hard Boiled to the big screen, stretching back as far as 2001 when Warner Bros hired David Fincher as director and cast Nicolas Cage in the lead role.

Miller himself attempted to bring the comics to the screen in 2008, following the acclaim for Sin City. However, once his adaptation of The Spirit flopped that same year, the project fell apart.

Wheatley worked with Hiddleston on the critically-acclaimed High-Rise, an adaptation of the classic JG Ballard novel.

Since then, Wheatley has made the US-based action-drama Free Fire, while Hiddleston has won further acclaim for his leading role in BBC spy drama The Night Manager. He has also completed Thor: Ragnarok (the third in the series) and Kong: Skull Island.

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