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Tom Hiddleston to star in King Kong origins tale Skull Island

Marvel Avengers Assemble

Story by Jack Foley

BRITISH actor Tom Hiddleston is to star in Skull Island, a new film based on the origins of King Kong.

According to Variety, the story will focus on the giant gorilla’s mysterious and dangerous world, which has only been touched upon in previous films.

Max Borenstein has penned the first draft. He also wrote the screenplay for Legendary’s Godzilla reboot, earlier this summer.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has also been booked to direct, having impressed with 2013 coming-of-age comedy-drama The Kings of Summer, as well as episodes of the new FX comedy You’re The Worst.

A release date has also been set: November 4, 2016, with Universal Pictures distributing.

As yet, there is no word on what kind of character Hiddleston will play, or indeed what kind of characters will populate the film.

Hiddleston is, of couse, best known for playing the character of Loki in Marvel’s Thor films and Avengers Assemble

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