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Valentine's Day - Jessica Alba and Emma Roberts interview

Jessica Alba in Valentine's Day

Interview by Rob Carnevale

EMMA Roberts and Jessica Alba talk about being in love, marriage and starring in Garry Marshall’s star-studded ode to February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Q. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
Jessica Alba: I always try to do something for my husband that’s completely selfless, and something that I hope will rock his world in some form or fashion. Most of it’s rated R, so I’ll give you the PG version – I’ll cook his favourite dessert.

Emma Roberts: I guess I haven’t really done anything romantic for anyone. I think my boyfriend is more romantic than I am. I think little things like sending unexpected text messages, or when I’m out of town I send postcards. I think that’s sweet… but probably not very romantic.

Q. Emma, you grew up in a film environment. Did you always want to follow in your father and aunt’s footsteps? And what is it that you like about acting?
Emma Roberts: I never not wanted to become an actress. When I was younger I was definitely a bit of an attention whore as a child. Now, I love the idea of getting to play different characters and tell some stories. When you’re passionate about a project, it’s nice to get the part. I also like working with new people and travelling. As far as my aunt [Julia Roberts] and my dad [Eric] I don’t really talk to them about acting or anything. Even on this… my aunt’s in the movie, but we don’t have scenes together. We didn’t even really talk about it. When I see her it’s rare because we’re always in different places, so I just hang out with her in the family. It’s not really about work ever.

Q. Do you pay much heed to Valentine’s Day yourself? And would your partner’s throttle you if you forgot? And what are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?
Emma Roberts: I’m just probably going to be along or with some girlfriends on Sunday because I’m going to be here [in London]. I don’t really care too much about Valentine’s Day… I’ve never had a valentine or anything. I’ve always just spent it with my friends, so I don’t really have much expectation for Valentine’s Day.

Jessica Alba: Yes, I’ll be flying home the day before and I have a little cherub, my daughter, that I’m going to be kissing and loving up on all day. And a hubby. So, I think that’s what my day is going to consist of – lots of hugs and kisses.

Q. Why do you think people love watching love stories?
Emma Roberts: I love watching love stories. Who doesn’t? I think it’s nice to watch a movie… even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. A real ending is just as good. Being in love is such a nice feeling, so to be able to see that feeling on-screen is just nice, especially when it’s a great story.

Q. Are there any great screen moments that you think are great?
Emma Roberts: For me, my favourite is Roman Holiday. I just love Audrey Hepburn and I think it’s such a beautiful story.

Jessica Alba: I remember The Way We Were. It’s so sad, but it seems real. I cry every time.

Q. Emma, what’s your idea of love?
Emma Roberts: Love is not necessarily about grand gestures. It can be the little things, like someone knows you like a certain food so they pick it up for you. Stuff like that is sweet. It’s little things that are nice and thoughtful that you can do every day.

Q. Jessica, how has marriage changed your life?
Jessica Alba: Marriage and kids… I kind of did it all at once. Love is ever evolving and it takes compromise, work and patience. Right when you think you have a grasp on how to love your partner, everything gets turned upside down and you have to step up your game and evolve together. That’s something I didn’t know until six years later. As far as being married and what it means to me… it’s nice knowing that I have a partner in life and that someone’s got my back. Your husband or your wife is the only person you can really choose to be your family and to have unconditional love with them.

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