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Viggo Mortensen talks Eastern Promises 2

Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises

Story by Jack Foley

VIGGO Mortensen has been talking a little more about why he and director David Cronenberg would like to do a sequel to Eastern Promises.

Asked whether a second film was any closer to being made, as he would like, Mortensen said that he felt there was plenty of scope to revisit the characters and confirmed that Cronenberg was certainly intrigued.

“I think that he liked the atmosphere, the setting… there’s something about that story that allows for a sequel. It sort of invites speculation about what happens to that character now in the same way that, say, The Godfather 1 ends and you think, well there’s Michael Corleone sitting in that chair and he’s now in a position, a new position of power, so what does that mean? How far will it go? How will it affect him? Where does he go from there?”

He continued: “There’s something about David’s movie-making that prompts you to talk about the movie, to say ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen next?’ In A History of Violence, what’s going to happen to that family? So, it’s not unusual for that to be the case but I guess for him Eastern Promises seemed to have something that interests him in taking it further.”

Mortensen was talking about the potential for a sequel while promoting A Dangerous Method, his third collaboration with Cronenberg, which sees him playing Sigmund Freud. The film is in UK cinemas now.

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