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W. stars attend Bush biopic's London premiere

W, European premiere

Story by Jack Foley

THE stars of Oliver Stone’s latest film, W. braved another wet night in London, as they attended the European premiere of the George Bush biopic in Leicester Square.

The Gala event, held as part of the ongoing London Film Festival, attracted hundreds of dedicated film fans, whose patience was rewarded when celebrities including Josh Brolin, Thandie Newton, Elizabeth Banks and Oliver Stone himself took time out to sign autographs and pose for photos.

In the eagerly anticipated film, Josh Brolin, of No Country for Old Men fame, plays US President George W Bush, while British actress Thandie Newton appears as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The film chronicles Bush’s rise to power and the days leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

Despite being greeted by mixed reviews in America, Stone is adamant that the film has an important role to play and told reporters that his film didn’t seek to completely portray Bush in a bad light.

He admitted that the Bush presidency had “left us in a dark hole”, but maintained that he wanted the film to help people understand more about the man himself.

The film only went into production in May this year with the express intention of completing it in time for the US presidential elections next month. It opened in America last weekend (October 17), before making its UK bow in cinemas on November 7.

And talking of the impending elections, Stone and actor Brolin confirmed that they intended to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in the forthcoming vote.

The cast of W. also features Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney, Ioan Gruffudd as Tony Blair and Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell.

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