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You Instead - Luke Treadaway interview

You Instead

Interview by Rob Carnevale

LUKE Treadaway talks about tackling some of the challenges of making You Instead, a film about two rival musicians who meet at T in the Park and spend most of the festival handcuffed to each other.

He also talks about the surprise of having a song he’d written become the name of the film.

Q. I’d imagine that shooting You Instead around T in The Park was fun as well as tiring?
Luke Treadaway: Very fun. Unlike anything any of us involved, I think, had ever done. So, it was terrifying and very exciting. But hopefully the kind of mad energy of being at a music festival comes across and people will want to go after watching it.

Q. So, what was the best and worst element of making it? I’d imagine the mud would have to rate pretty highly on the worst?
Luke Treadaway: I think I’d prepped myself in my mind for it being exactly as hard as it was going to be anyway, really, so there wasn’t really a moment that I didn’t enjoy. It was all kind of a challenge because it was so different to anything I’d done before. The time pressure… obviously, there were scenes you’d only have 20 minutes to film and you’d quite like to have spent an hour on it. But that was the nature of the beast and everyone, in every department, had to face those challenges.

Q. How come you got to write the main song, You Instead?
Luke Treadaway: I played it at an audition. They wanted to hear me play a song, so I played them that, and when we were writing the songs for the film I kept throwing that one into the mix and then they said I could play it [acoustically] at the beginning of the film. And then six months later they changed the title of the film to the title of the song, which was news to me… I didn’t know about it. I read about it in a magazine!

Q. What was it called before?
Luke Treadaway: In The Park or something. I don’t know. But that was cool.

Q. How was the American accent? And was it any different having to sing in it as well?
Luke Treadaway: Well, how was the American accent? I hope it was OK! I just sort of spoke in it for three weeks beforehand so that I could just get used to it and feel like I was putting a voice on. And singing in an American accent was OK. I sort of spent most of my teenage years when I was in a band trying to stop myself singing in an American accent and then had to put one on again for this, so it was OK.

Q. How did you enjoy bonding? Was it ever a chore to be handcuffed to each other for most of the shoot?
Luke Treadaway: Oh I hated it! It was good. We got on very well and we became used to having this shared limb in the middle of us.

Q. You improv with Natalia over a blues song. How was that to record?
Luke Treadaway: That was the only time it’s ever been done. I think it was the first couple of nights and it was supposed to have been a little shorter. But we just did it and it carried on for a little longer than we thought it was going to. I think it turns out alright, though.

Q. What’s the best festival experience you’ve had as a musician or as a fan?
Luke Treadaway: I think Latitude is always beautiful. I love the raves going on in the woods until 7 in the morning and stuff like that. It’s always good fun. Reading, as well, is gritty and dirty but I like that too. It has a great vibe.

Q. How was working with Felicity Jones on Cheerful Weather for the Wedding?
Luke Treadaway: Felicity Jones has been a good friend of mine for a few years, so getting to work with her was lovely, because she’s a brilliant actress and a lovely human being. So, it was a thrill.

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