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A Band Called Quinn - Red Light Means Go (Review)

A Band Called Quinn, Red Light Means Go

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

HARD to believe but the songs on A Band Called Quinn’s Red Light Means Go have been knocking around for three years without an official release.

For having recorded the album, the band were asked to appear in Vanishing Point Theatre Company’s stage production of The Beggar’s Opera and opted to release those songs first.

In the meantime, tracks from Red Light Means Go appeared in Carter Ferguson’s BAFTA award winning film Fast Romance, BBC3 drama Lip Service and more.

Now, Red Light Means Go gets its official LP release and the tracks can be considered as one coherent piece of work. And it’s a pretty decent offering.

A collection of pop-art tracks fronted by Louise Quinn, the LP has a slick, easy listening appeal that’s always easy on the ears even if only a few of the songs really stand out.

There’s also an emphasis on electro-pop that lends them a Ladytron kind of vibe at times, and which therefore negates the freshness and originality of some tracks.

But Quinn is a good vocalist and she brings a lot of presence to the tracks. On Sayonara, for instance, she gets to extend her range for a retro pop moment that hints at Japanese pop as well, while there’s something gleefully playful about the baroque pop tones of Oh Jackie (with Quinn acting as chanteuse).

But the album is argaubly at its best when hitting a more serious note, as on the brooding Ghosts From The War, which combines an insistent electronic hook with a deeply haunted vocal.

Gene, I’m Starting to Remember also has a dreamy, even seductive quality that benefits from the slower pace, while Quinn gets to sound nicely downcast on the moody Fragments of Him (another highlight).

Put together, the album works nicely and it’s good to see that it’s finally found the light of day.

Download picks: Sayonara, Ghosts From The War, Fragments of Him

Track listing:

  1. Get Out of My Way
  2. Can You Swim?
  3. Sayonara
  4. Oh Jackie
  5. Ghosts From The War
  6. Above The Parapet
  7. Gene, I’m Starting To Remember
  8. Fragments of Him
  9. The Dark Star
  10. 2 Ducks