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Amazing Baby - Rewild

Amazing Baby, Rewild

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

PSYCHEDELIC rock can be a treacherous genre, with ‘psychedelic’ being generally misconstrued as poor music laced with synthesisers.

Amazing Baby’s take on this minefield of a genre is superb. Fantastic melodies provide the basis for a great set of songs from a band with great ambition and remarkable creativity.

Kankra is a thumping tune, with an enormous amount of energy running through it. Amazing Baby can do pop-rock as good as anybody and make it their own. The five-piece’s opening single is Headdress, which sounds like MGMT… but better.

The band can alter their style well and provide an Oasis-style charge in Deerripper, which has an awesome chorus and is one of the best examples of frontman Will Roan’s vocal ability.

Rewild shows Amazing Baby have a huge amount of talent and is, overall, very good. With a couple of dud tracks dotted around, one can at times be frustrated by their reservedness. The music is fantastic, but there is a feeling of holding back, especially on Old Tricks In Hell.

The folky-jangling in The Narwhal is refreshing and an insight into what The Beatles would sound like if David Bowie was one of their members.

Throughout the album, the sprinkling of electronic bizarreness helps to enforce the psychedelic feel, while not overdoing it. Too much can drown out the quality of the music and leave listeners with bland electronica.

Amazing Baby are a very exciting new band, their music reaches up high from its roots and makes great songs spanning several genres. I expected more of what has been offered from other bands but Rewild doubles their efforts and is wholeheartedly better than any current competition.

Download picks: Bayonets, Invisible Place, Kankra, Deerripper, Smoke Bros

Track Listing:

  1. Bayonets
  2. Invisible Place
  3. Kankra
  4. Headdress
  5. Dead Light
  6. Deerripper
  7. Old Tricks In Hell
  8. The Narwhal
  9. Roverfrenz
  10. Smoke Bros
  11. Pump Yr Breaks