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Ammoncontact - With Voices

Ammoncontact, With Voices

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE prolific partnership that is Ammoncontact continues to put out music on the Ninja label in impressive fashion.

Their latest album – following 2004’s One In An Infinity of Ways and 2005’s mini-album New Birth – is With Voices.

And, like its name suggests, it’s an album that comes with plenty of them, featuring collaborations with everyone from Dwight Trible to Prince Po and Daedelus.

Ammoncontact are, of course, Los Angeles-based duo Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon, who pride themselves on being able to make minimal, atmospheric, predominantly instrumental music with a distinctly hip-hop vibe.

What makes With Voices such a departure are the collaborations – and it’s a worthwhile experiment that occasionally pays rich dividends.

On tracks like Into 777, featuring Sach (of LA group, The Nonce) their excellent beats combine with some telling rap to provide a genuinely slick customer.

Lil Sci (Scienz of Life and MF Doom cohort) guests to take-notice effect on the funky Like This and the title track, while Brother J and Cut Chemist unite to turn Drum Riders into something a little bit special. Its percussion-based beats provide an excellent backdrop to the savvy vocals.

There’s an Eastern flavour surrounding the female vocal samples on Elevations that makes it the sort of atmospheric candidate that could well provide some mood music for US TV shows like Sleeper Cell.

While there’s a late-night soul vibe surrounding cuts like Worth It, featuring Abstract Rude.

With Voices is described as the album that Ammoncontact have been waiting to make; a hip-hop album bursting with spirituality and positivity as well as a unique ambience.

If nothing else, it provides a worthwhile alternative to the bling-fixated mainstream and proof positive that the underground LA scene is still capable of delivering its fair share of surprises (so long as you’re prepared to search them out).

Track listing:

  1. Children Of The Sun – Ammoncontact & Dwight Trible/Build An Ark
  2. One For Ayler – Ammoncontact
  3. Into 777 – Ammoncontact & Sach
  4. Like This – Ammoncontact & Lil Sci
  5. Zillion Tambourines – Ammoncontact & Kamau Daaood
  6. Elevation – Ammoncontact
  7. With Voices – Ammoncontact & Lil Sci
  8. Drum Riders – Ammoncontact & Brother J/Cut Chemist
  9. Ropepe – Ammoncontact & Najite
  10. Through The Pauses – Ammoncontact & Sach
  11. Beautiful Flowers – Ammoncontact & Prince Po/Yusef Lateef/Dwight Trible
  12. Earth’s Children – Ammoncontact & Mia Doi Todd
  13. Sleep Stasis – Ammoncontact & Daedelus
  14. Worth It – Ammoncontact & Abstract Rude
  15. Love Needs No Destination To Have Made It – Ammoncontact & Imiuswi #. Life Force Contact – Ammoncontact