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Anastacia - Heavy Rotation

Anastacia, Heavy Rotation

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

ANASTACIA says she called her new album Heavy Rotation because “life can be heavy” and it seemed like the perfect title for where she was in her life. Well, to be blunt, heavy going would have been a better, more apt name.

The pop singer may have sold over 14 million albums in Europe alone, but her brand of pop is particularly excruciating and not even the presence of another who’s who list of producers can save this album from becoming a truly arduous listen.

Anastacia, herself, sings of empowerment and would love her songs to serve as inspiration. She’s also keen to jump on current trends.

Hence, songs like The Way I See It contain a deliberately retro vibe that’s reminiscent of both Amy Winehouse (vocally) and Mark Ronson (courtesy of its trumpet background). It’s inferior to both and feels like a jumping on the bandwagon type of track. The same applies to the aptly named Same Song.

Worse, a track like Defeated attempts to cross Timbaland style production values with heavy-handed vocals about the state of the world (“why can’t we all just get along”) and more empowerment themes (“you can tear me apart, you can rip me to piece… but I can’t be defeated”). The piano loop doesn’t help, merely sounding forced.

Even when Anastacia’s doing her own thing, the impression is still underwhelming with songs like All Fall Down emerging as another limp empowerment anthem and Never Gonna Love Again a truly dreary, Bonnie Tyler style ballad.

With producers such as Ne-Yo, Lester Mendez (Nelly Furtado) and Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams and Kylie), you probably had every reason to expect a lot more!

Track listing:

  1. I Can Feel You
  2. The Way I See It
  3. Absolutely Positively
  4. Defeated
  5. In Summer
  6. Heavy Rotation
  7. Same Song
  8. I Call It Love
  9. All Fall Down
  10. Never Gonna Love Again
  11. You’ll Be Fine
  12. Beautiful Messed Up World

  1. I have just heard the whole Album. And it grows and grows on you.
    Even after a few listen’s it kick’s into touch so called artist’s
    of the moment and makes other brit stars sound like ameteurs. I love this album and it’s great to have a real star back with us.

    tammy    Oct 27    #
  2. i disagree. i give it a 4 , 3.5 at the least. the first single was a bad choice and 1 or 2 songs could be improved or replaced but it’s a great album. my favourites are i call it love, you’ll be fine, defeated, heavy rotation, the way i see it and fall down

    callum    Oct 27    #
  3. This review is quite shit, I must say.

    Austin    Oct 28    #
  4. it album is far different from wt i expected, ana has created a new theme for Heavy Rotation i think it is a brave try. she was not afraid to try somethg she's never done before, although they are not perfect but at least they all sound not tht bad and her voice is still strong and more mature. I do agree with a few of yr points but how could u give this album just 1 star? As if its ur pity, i believe ana would rather recieve none star from u, thts unfair. giving tht star is an insult, u went extreme.

    Ernst    Oct 28    #
  5. OMG! I think the author of this “review” is stone deaf…

    Filda    Oct 28    #
  6. this reviewer has totally missed the point of the album! Anastacia is not jumping on other artist’s bandwagon, if you have bothered to listen Freak Of Nature, you’ll know that much of the same beats and sounds appear on this album, as well as the messages of empowerment. perhaps it doesn’t have the gusto of the other albums, but this is a new album coming from a different person of 4/5 years ago. 14 million albums sold and one of the top ten best selling artists of the millennium, she must be doing something right?!?! poor review that seems to have prejudged the album, even before a proper listen has been done.

    Todd    Oct 30    #