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Andy Burrows - Fall Together Again (Review)

Andy Burrows, Fall Together Again

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

ANDY Burrows impressive solo run continues with the release of his latest album, Fall Together Again, a 10-song collection that drips with quality and heart-warming sentiment.

Imbued with the spirit of early Paul McCartney solo albums as well as more contemporary Crowded House and Newton Faulkner, this is also shot through with moments of sunroof-down, daydream soul.

It’s clear Burrows is having the time of his life as an artist and that sense of confidence and adventure radiates throughout. It’s a pleasure of a listen that commands repeat play.

The album opens with a piano-driven instrumental, Derwen, which sets the standard impeccably – the lone piano chords eventually blossoming into a strings and beat-backed celebration of melody that could grace countless soundtracks. It sets the template for the tight melodies that follow.

Primary among those is former single As Good As Gone, an easy favourite, which thrives on its chain gang chant and moody beat. It’s ear-catching from the opening bar and just keeps getting better – Burrows’ initially atmospheric vocals giving rise to a falsetto style chorus that flourishes. This artist knows how to deliver a thrilling chorus.

City to Coast, like its name suggests, is made for top-down driving in the summer sun (preferably of the California variety) with its vibrant beats, breezy stabs of brass and breezy chorus. It’s a feel-good track par excellence.

The sound of the ’70s is rife throughout All This I’ve Heard Before courtesy of its organ sound and sunshine backing harmonies (think Beach Boys here, albeit with some bittersweet lyrics), while You Won’t Find Love again couches a tale of heartbreak into something beautifully melodic and, arguably, Crowded House-like (which is a high compliment).

Elsewhere, Who Are You Now? has something of a signature Burrows sound (some of the melodies recall his BAFTA-nominated work on The Snowman and the Snowdog) while also encapsulating the ’70s soul-pop sound.

While See A Girl is a deliciously melody-soaked ode to love and beauty that is expertly delivered: the melodies as tight as ever, the vocals strong and emotive (complete with backing harmonies) and a chorus to get swept along by and to revel in, feel-good vibe and all.

As if all this wasn’t already enough, Editors’ Tom Smith crops up on backing vocals for another highlight, Watch Me Fall, which changes tack slightly to incorporate a synth-pop sound and more moodily emotional lyrical content. It’s another favourite in waiting and thrives on the duet that unfolds.

And Burrows ability to deliver a telling mid-tempo ballad is on full show on the glorious Hearts And Minds before When Your Ship Comes In and Don’t Be Gone Too Long bring the album to its satisfying conclusion – the latter, in particular, providing the album with yet another memorable mid-tempo ballad.

In short, Burrows has excelled once again. Fall Together Again is another masterpiece from an artist who is now becoming accustomed to delivering them.

Download picks: As Good As Gone, City to Coast, Who Are You Now?, See A Girl, Watch Me Fall, Hearts And Minds, Don’t Be Gone Too Long

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Track listing:

  1. Derwen
  2. As Good As Gone
  3. City to Coast
  4. All This I’ve Heard Before
  5. You Won’t Find Love
  6. Who Are You Now?
  7. See a Girl
  8. Watch Me Fall Again
  9. Hearts and Minds
  10. When Your Ship Comes In
  11. Don’t Be Gone Too Long