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Angel Brothers - Angel Brothers

Angel Brothers LP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DAVE and Keith Angel claim their latest, long-awaited eponymous album was inspired by the recent death of their father, Ivor Angel, who was a real lover of life and a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to the two brothers.

The disc features more vocals and vocal textures than previous records, courtesy of Bombay–born female vocalist Sandhya Sanjana and long–time associate Mick Humphrey.

There are also some string arrangements and solos from English fiddlers Becki Driscoll and Nick Wyke and a cameo appearance from Dave Formula on keyboards who has been busy re-forming the legendary Magazine and recording his solo album.

Dave and Keith describe the album as “a soundtrack to a film of your imagination” and hope fans old and new will enjoy the new record. In our opinion, that shouldn’t be difficult.

Angel Brothers is a great listen for a laidback afternoon, from the Rainman-esque opening of Tongues of Fire, through the haunted foreboding of Ghosts, to the Eastern influence of the thrilling Stepping on Shadows, right through to the satisfying finale that is Butlin’s Lederhosen Fancy, the LP barely skips a beat.

Tracks like Stepping on Shadows, in particular, exhilarate with their keen mix of global influences, and arrive in stark contrast to more chilled out tracks such as the acoustic Empty Chair – a lovely, slightly melancholy offering that really does transport you into a cinema of your imagination’s own choosing.

The fiddles are really let loose for the good ‘ol craic that is Butlin’s Lederhosen Fancy to bring things to a close in a jiggy kind of fashion, while Same Sky, Different Planet midway through arrives like a lovely daydream of a record that begins with just some strumming guitars before layering in the instruments and winning you over with its thoughtful slow-building.

All in all, a great comeback and a fitting tribute to the memory of their father.

Download picks: Tongues of Fire, Empty Chair, Stepping On Shadows, Django’s Caravan

Track listing:

  1. Tongues of Fire
  2. Ghosts
  3. Django’s Caravan
  4. Shifting Sands
  5. Same Sky, Different Planet
  6. Goldbricking
  7. Stepping On Shadows
  8. Empty Chair
  9. Butlin’s Lederhosen Fancy