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Ann Scott - We're Smiling

Ann Scott, We're Smiling

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE Galway Advertiser has described Dublin-based songstress Ann Scott as “among the leading lights of Irish indie”. She’s also been favourably compared to the likes of PJ Harvey and Tori Amos.

None of the above comments appear wide of the mark. Scott’s debut album, We’re Smiling, is an extremely accomplished collection of songs that really does mark her out as a considerable talent.

The first half, in particular, is full of slow-burning, yet deeply melodic gems. Opener Hot Day, for instance, is an instantly appealing slice of folk rock that wraps a dreamy, sweaty vocal from Scott around some lush guitar loops and the occasional piece of piano. The chorus is instantly memorable.

Mountain, a former single, is nicely brooding… the guitars more meaty, the vocals slightly ethereal. It’s intimate, yet epic and worthy of PJ Harvey comparisons.

Another highlight is Down At The Parlour, which drops a solid back-beat and weaves in electronic elements rather than guitars. The emphatic chorus is genuinely rousing. And Imelda is dusky, moody and another of the LP’s clear favourites.

Some of the later songs do tend to become a little more experimental and even psychadelic, which isn’t necessarily in the album’s best interests.

But in the main, Scott does impress and she’s well worth checking out if you get the time.

Download picks: Hot Day, Mountain, Down At The Parlour, Imelda, Skin Deep

Track listing:

  1. Hot Day
  2. Mountain
  3. Feather For Feather
  4. Down At The Parlour
  5. She: Jubilee
  6. Imelda
  7. Jealousy
  8. 100 Dances, 1.000 Stars
  9. For A Dream
  10. Skin Deep
  11. Shark Water
  12. Farewell Henrietta