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Arctic Monkeys win rave reviews for second album

Arctic Monkeys

Compiled by Jack Foley

THE Arctic Monkeys look set to surpass the success of their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, when its follow-up Favourite Worst Nightmare is released on Monday (April 23, 2007).

The sophomore album has already impressed the critics who have been lining up to praise the LP as a considerable improvement on the first.

Leading the way, for instance, is The Times newspaper, whose critic wrote: “At times – the current single Brianstorm being one of them – you find yourself wondering how they managed to make an album that eschews conventional song structure quite so melodic.

“By keeping their nerve, Arctic Monkeys have coasted their way through what should have been the most difficult transition of their collective life. Favourite Worst Nightmare isn’t a verse-chorus sort of album. It’s way, way better than that.”

The Guardian, meanwhile, opined: “Disappointing opening salvo aside, Favourite Worst Nightmare shows them [the Arctic Monkeys] pushing gently but confidently at the boundaries of their sound.

“While their debut seemed founded in music of the 21st Century, from The Strokes to The Libertines, here there are hints of woozy psychedelia on the fantastic Do Me a Favour, The Smiths on Only Ones Who Know, even piledriving metal on If You Were There, Beware.”

And The Independent concluded: “They’re stretching tentacles into other musical areas, not least the disco-funk-rock groove of Old Yellow Bricks, the organ-fattened, stop-start Fluorescent Adolescent, and particularly the ruminative approach of the sole slow number Only Ones Who Know.

“If the Monkeys continue to develop like this, and manage to avoid the distractions and evade the hangers-on, who knows what they might achieve?”

BBC Music, meanwhile, referred to it as “an absolute treasure”, adding: “In a practically chorus-less 40 minutes, it’s difficult to find an ineffective track in a many-faced record. Rather scarily, Favourite Worst Nightmare has surpassed previous heights scaled by the band.”

Ironically, with so much hype surrounding their return, new single Brianstorm failed to make top spot in the UK charts, entering at No.2 behind Beyonce and Shakira duet Beautiful Liar.

The single had entered the chart originally at No.11 off the back of digital sales – but failed to make top spot once the physical single hit record stores.

Favourite Worst Nightmare is, however, expected to waltz to the top spot in the album chart upon release next week – although it remains to be seen whether it can surpass the achievements of their debut, which became the fastest selling in history.

The current number one album belongs to Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, while Mark Ronson’s remix album Version hit number two.