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Bent - Intercept

Bent, Intercept

Revoew by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE fourth album from Bent, aka Nail Tolliday and Simon Mills, marks another change of direction for the duo back towards the dancefloor.

Whereas excellent last album Aerials dispensed with the sampling in favour of written songs and guitar chords, Intercept is more electronic based.

The chillout factor remains but the listen is less enchanting this time around. If anything, it’s a lot more upbeat and certainly more geared towards the mainstream ear.

Says Simon Mills: “We just felt it was time to go down a new path. We’ve not had a record company trying to guide us, so I feel like we’ve been a bit more in control of our output.

“So, yes, it does sound like a band reborn in some ways, but I still think it sounds Bent. It’s Now That’s What I Call Bent, Vol 4.”

The change was prompted more than anything by Bent’s experiences on the road with the likes of Mylo and Faithless.

“We really wanted to make something that would work well live,” admits Simon. “Something that would make people dance rather than look up and stare.

“Our DJ sets are often very house/disco/electro/dodgy records, so we thought it was about time we made something that reflected our sets.”

The result is an album that flits from the harder dancefloor fillers such as Tired Of The Show, complete with Primal Scream-style vocals, to the more serene To Be Loved.

There’s traces of trance on Wendy Darling and house on Waiting For You, which lend it a fairly rudimentary sensation, which marks a disappointment in comparison to the far better Aerials material.

Indeed, it’s only when the boys actually slow things down, as on the supremely mellow and almost choir-like As Seen From Space, that the album serves a reminder of just how brilliant Bent can be – and distinct in their own way.

Sadly, there’s not enough to differentiate Intercept from a lot of mainstream dance albums. It’s a perfectly OK listen – but it seldom reaches the heights we had every reason to expect and therefore goes down as a disappointment.

Track listing:

  1. Exercise 7
  2. To Be Loved
  3. Stay Out All Night
  4. Breakfast At 80000ft
  5. Tired Of The Show
  6. Wendy Darling
  7. Waiting For You
  8. As Seen From Space
  9. Handbrake
  10. Leavin’ Me
  11. After All The Love