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Betty Curse - Hear Lies

Betty Curse, Hear Lies

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WE’VE been waiting for some time for a girl artist to come along and shake-up the Goth pop-rock scene in the way that artists such as Courtney Love and Hole did, or even L7.

Step forward Betty Curse, the new princess of the Goth-rock scene. Her debut album Hear Lies is being released digitally this month and will follow into shops at the turn of the year. But take our advice, download it now and be ahead of the pack in discovering something new and exciting.

Betty Curse, who is said to be the real life incarnation of Japanese cartoon character Emily Strange, a cult figure amongst teens in the UK, is actually a former award-winning teenage actress best-known for her appearance in classic zombie flick, 28 Days Later.

In musical form, she charts similarly dark territory, setting her sweet-laced power pop against lyrical examinations of the darker psyche of your typical teenager. Hence, track titles include God This Hurts, Excuse All The Blood and Rot In Heaven.

Don’t expect the music that accompanies them to be too downbeat, however, for this is very much an expression of the Goth rock revival that has seen Jean Paul Gaultier dedicate his new collection to the look, Dita Von Teese cross into the mainstream with Vogue and Elle shoots, and bands like The Horrors on the cover of the NME.

Betty Curse is similarly stylish; her music retaining an upbeat quality in spite of all the angst and grunge. Take former single Excuse All The Blood as a prime example, a gloriously gutsy piece of Goth rock that embraces the sound of both Hole and L7 in exemplary fashion. It’s a romp – fun, gutsy and as bloody as the finale of Carrie!

Forthcoming single Girl With The Yellow Hair is another explosive concoction of crunching guitar riffs, ’80s laced synthesizers and bittersweet lyrics such as “the girl with the yellow hair stayed in bed and never really wanted to go to work or to the church” and “been trying to get to heaven since she was 11”.

Hear Lies is effectively a rallying call to every teenager or person who has felt different, dejected, angst-ridden or worn dark make-up and clothing. Yet far from being isolatory, it’s cool in the same way as The Cure are now perceived. It’s attention-grabbing, statement-making and, above all, fun.

Do You Mind (If I Cry)? is another energetic blast of fury that actually belies the sensitive lyrics (which owe more to insecurity and vulnerability than anything rebel-like). While Thin Ice, with its breezy “do, do, do” intro and delightfully melodic guitars, is an absolute gem and one of the biggest album highlights. The chorus is a real charmer designed to have you nodding along in appreciation.

Beautiful Together contains the sort of dual guitar and synth intro that both Cure and Placbo fans should warm to, before emerging as one of the more hopeful records on the album (“nothing I do can ever split us in two”).

While the gloriously warped Rot In Heaven is a truly demented love song that includes such playfully devilish lyrics such as “you’re going to rot in heaven because you’ve been living in hell”. But then what else can you expect from a track that begins with the emotive lyrics “you came home alone last night and made love to your hands, you fantasised about Jesus Christ and Moses in the bath, you put a crucifix inside yourself just like Linda Blair, you look for answers to your life but there’s never any there”?

If the occasional track on the album sounds a little more straightforward and thrashed out in terms of guitar rock, then there’s almost always something to surprise within the lyrics, making even the more average tracks worth savouring.

So with this in mind, it seems that Hear Lies the beginnings of an amazing new talent – one that’s well worth taking a dark, deranged but utterly cool joyride with.

Track listing:

  1. God This Hurts
  2. Girl With The Yellow Hair
  3. Do You Mind (If I Cry)?
  4. Thin Ice
  5. Dark Dark World
  6. Excuse All The Blood
  7. Beautiful Together
  8. The Look On Tony’s Face
  9. Stay Out Of My Way
  10. Don’t Get Involved
  11. Met On The Internet
  12. Rot In Heaven

  1. You are having a laugh right? SHE SUCKS!

    Marcia    Nov 8    #
  2. Betty Curse is gorrgeous

    shelbie    Nov 12    #
  3. Betty Curse ROCKS, she kicks ASS

    faye    Nov 22    #