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Blackmarket - The Elephant In The Room

Blackmarket, The Elephant In The Room

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

LAKE Havasu-based rock quartet Blackmarket release their debut full length, The Elephant In The Room, and show signs of promise in several of the 12 tracks that make it up.

The band started playing together while in junior high, and then won the Amplify Festival [and contest] in Las Vegas a couple of years ago – but while success seemed to beckon, it prompted “an industry fiasco” that put the band off “the whole business side of music”.

Nevertheless, they scored some management and an agent as well as some direction, which subsequently produced this album and a record deal with FMAC/Rough Trade Japan.

And now, on The Elephant In The Room, Daryl Lamont (vocals, guitar), Langdon Chieffo (drums), Mikey Emerson (bass) and Jason Brindis (guitar, keyboards), attempt to showcase their journey from high school to hard rockers by mixing insightful lyrics with catchy melodies. And they damn near pull it off!

Several tracks stand out, even though the album as a whole probably contains one too many fillers. Of the hits, Sheila thirves on some infectious guitar riffs, a brash attitude that’s somehow reminiscent (to this reviewer) of The Vines in their stride, and an insanely catchy, chant-along chorus.

Sooner Or Later is another blockbuster of a rock track that channels both the guitar weight of bands like Oasis and the easiness on the ear of Weezer, while the acoustic-driven White Lie effectively showcases a more deliberate and sensitive side. The melodic “whoo whooing” is a nice touch, too, displaying that they know how to mix the melodies with the heavy stuff.

Remote [Control Freak] and Bad Call are both rousing foot-stompers – the latter, if anything, evocative of the raw power of bands like The Subways – while Drag Addict is another accomplished listen that really does showcase their ability to deliver a sure-footed guitar riff.

Blackmarket may have to work hard to really break it big in the UK – but one suspects that they are armed with the ability, determination and long-rooted friendship and loyalty to hold them in good stead. We’re even confident to predict that their next album will really be worth looking forward to.

Download picks: Sheila, Sooner Or Later, White Lies, Bad Call, Drag Addict

Track listing:

  1. Magic Tricks
  2. Night in Question
  3. Sheila
  4. Sooner or Later
  5. Alibi Can’t Give Me a Place to Go
  6. White Lie
  7. Remote (Control Freak)
  8. Bad Call
  9. Permanent You
  10. Drag Addict
  11. CTRL Alt Del
  12. Out of Order