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Bleech - Nude (Review)

Bleech, Nude

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE debut album from Bleech is a pretty great offering that capably charts their rise to prominence from their early punk origins through their high energy teenage angst to their now heavier, more mature, ambitious rock arrangements.

Driven by the guitars and lead vocals of Jennifer O’Neill, with support from Katherine O’Neill (Bass/vocals) and Matt Bick (drums/vocals), Nude is a rollicking good listen that’s not averse to throwing in the odd tender moment. And there’s anthems in waiting aplenty.

Former single Adrenalin Junkie, for instance, is a boisterous crowd-pleaser of a rock track that boasts a towering chorus, “oh oh oh” harmonising and some genuinely catchy hooks to capture its sense of joy de vivre.

But throughout they marry dark lyricism with appealing melodies. Weirdo, with its warped imagery and edgy appeal, is nevertheless built around some terrific giutar riffs and a lively energy that’s easy to get behind, lending the album an easy jumping off point.

Break My Nose hits you with guitar riffs like jabs and an anthemic chorus that recalled L7 in their prime, while The Worthing Song piles on the meaty guitars they’ve come to hone, while hitting you with some venomous overtones. And yet, they retain a sense of melody throughout (thanks to some ‘woo hoo’ harmonising) that’s reminiscent of the way Feeder marry heavy with chart-friendly.

And yet, by way of contrast, they’re capable of some genuinely wistful, tender moments, such as the Tim Burton-esque Flowerhands with its acoustic guitars and intricate violins, or the laidback album closer When I Get Old, another easy-going ear-pleaser that could well broaden their appeal way beyond the obvious rock and punk brigades.

Holiday, too, captures the feel-good spirit of getting away, yet still manages to combine their harder sound with a keen sense of melody. It could just as easily become another summer hit for them should they choose to release it while the sun’s still shining.

All told, Bleech would appear to have a very bright future ahead of them. Nude, their debut, rocks in only good ways.

Downloack picks: Flowerhands, Adrenalin Junkie, When I Get Old, Holiday, Weirdo, The Worthing Song

Adrenalin Junkie video:

Track listing:

  1. Weirdo
  2. Break My Nose
  3. Mondays
  4. The Worthing Song
  5. Flowerhands
  6. Adrenalin Junkie
  7. Holiday
  8. I Wanna Be Me
  9. Dancing Without You
  10. When I Get Old