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Blink 182 - Greatest Hits

Blink 182, Greatest Hits

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

‘TIS the season of the Greatest Hits CD, so following hot on the heels of last week’s Destiny’s Child collection comes Blink 182.

The release is made more significant because of their sad split earlier this year, which means no more catchy chart classics from the godfathers of pop-punk.

During their time, however, the band sold over 16 million records world-wide and over one million in the UK.

And while they will probably be best remembered for the teenage riot that is What’s My Age Again? and All The Small Things, there are a surprising number of gems spanning their five albums.

Early material, such as Carousel and Josie are pretty rough around the edges and don’t age well.

But the collection really kicks into gear with the aforementioned What’s My Age Again?, which marked the period the band exploded onto the world-wide punk-pop scene.

With its crazy lyrics, fun video and exuberant style, this was a real blast of punk-pop joy and deservedly put the trio on the map.

From that moment onwards, they continued to deliver some of the most infectious blasts of juvenile punk-rock you could ever wish to hear – tracks that were fit to grace the soundtracks of films like American Pie.

First Date, The Rock Show and Man Overboard all followed along in a similar vein.

The saddest thing about their decision to split, however, was the fact that they had started to wise up and mature.

Their eponymous fifth album contained one of the best tracks of their career in the form of Miss You, a poignant punk-rock ballad that took listeners completely by surprise (I remember former Xfm Dj, Christian O’Connell, refusing to announce who it was when he made it record of the week for fear of prejudicing people straight away).

Always was another gem of a track, while Feeling This and Down were more fuller versions of the Blink 182 sound.

On the strength of that album, it appeared Blink 182 had a bright future. Their decision to split is, as stated, all the more regrettable.

But if, like me, you’ve never got round to owning a long-player or simply want all the singles on one definitive collection, then this Greatest Hits collection is well worth adding to the record collection.

Track listing:
1. Carousel
2. M & M’s
3. Dammit
4. Josie (Everything’s Gonna Be Fine)
5. What’s My Age Again?
6. All The Small Things
7. Adam’s Song
8. Man Overboard
9. The Rock Show
10. First Date
11. Stay Together For The Kids
12. Feeling This
13. I Miss You
14. Down
15. Always
16. Not Now
17. Another Girl Another Planet