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BM Linx - Black Entertainment

BM Linx, Black Entertainment

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

BM Linx is a three-piece rock/electronic outfit who look set to break big in 2009.

Referencing influences from multiple genres, they simultaneously infuse their tracks with an eclectic collection of electronic instruments, pounding drums and hard-hitting guitar riffs.

Their sound, as a result, draws favourable comparisons with everyone from Nine Inch Nails and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to MGMT, Depeche Mode and even Daft Punk.

Their debut album Black Entertainment, featuring the former single Kids on Fire, is a heady brew that’s dark, foreboding, constantly tempo changing and really rather exciting.

The album gets underway with an electronic vocoder-style vocal and some hand-clap beats, before a vocal promises to “take you for a ride”. Valentine then proceeds to meld New Order style vocals with a synth sound that’s reminiscent of MGMT, albeit with a few more warps along the way and a darker tone late on.

It’s followed by the guitar-heavy The Outlaw Jimmy Rose, which enters more straight-forward rock territory and exhilarates in a different kind of way. Tony Diodore’s vocals are almost punky and certainly at their most fiercest, while his guitar riffs are extremely meaty.

Kids On Fire brings a welcome familiarity to proceedings and underlines their ability to meld rock and electronica to snappy, even dancefloor friendly effect.

But there’s plenty more to admire thereafter. The stabbing synths of Clean Dirt give rise to a surprisingly mellow set of vocals, albeit with the underlining menace posed by the synths.

And White Limousine catches you completely off-guard with a shimmering slice of folksy acoustica that’s mellow and disarmingly beautiful.

The BRMC fire returns, however, on the punchy Find The Water, while 123CAT ups the electronic tempo and Ives Park slow-builds its way to a haunting, evocative chorus that’s both heavy and mellow in the way it balances heavier guitar riffs with swirling synth loops.

UO Acoustic rounds things off on a similarly mellow note, delivering a sublime acoustic version of the track [Understanding Orange] that received such critical acclaim in 2007 (and was used on promos for the drama Hidden Palms).

Take our word for it, you’re going to like BM Linx a lot.

Download picks: The Outlaw Jimmy Rose, Clean Dirt, White Limousine, Find The Water, UO Acoustic

Track listing:

  1. Valentine
  2. The Outlaw Jimmy Rose
  3. Kids On Fire
  4. Red House Been Empty
  5. Clean Dirt
  6. White Limousine
  7. Find The Water
  8. 123CAT
  9. Defender
  10. Ives Park
  11. UO Acoustic