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Bono honoured with Liberty Medal


Story by Jack Foley

U2 frontman and tireless activist Bono has been honoured with the National Constitution Centre’s 2007 Liberty Medal, in recognition of his charity work in Africa.

The prestigious American award comes with a $100,000 (£50,000) prize that was shared by Bono and Data, the organisation he set up to raise awareness about the extreme poverty and Aids epidemic in Africa. The prize money will be donated to Data.

Commenting after receiving the prize, the Irish singer said ne was “honoured” and paid tribute to the continued efforts of his bosses at Data. “I’m very proud of their work,” he added.

In announcing the award, Joseph M Torsella, president and CEO of the National Constitution Centre, explained: “Working hand-in-hand with Data, Bono has become the ultimate civic entrepreneur – but on a global scale that the Founders could have only imagined.

“Bono and Data don’t just raise awareness, important though that is, they challenge the world’s richest nations to do better by Africa. And they challenge African nations to do better by their own people.”