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Bonobo - It Came From The Sea

Bonobo, It Came From The Sea

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

HAVING already attracted the likes of Amon Tobin and Mr Scruff to the Solid Steel Presents series, Ninja Tune now call on the extra-special talents of new recruit Bonobo for a mixtape to savour.

It Came From The Sea skillfully blends some of Simon Green’s choicest cuts with some choice picks from the Ninja Tune back catalogue to create a truly mesmerising collection of favourites.

We have long been fans of Bonobo, having been impressed with both his albums and the way in which he strove to recreate them with live instruments at the Jazz Cafe.

Here, he blends several instances of his own music with some top choices from Ninja’s own arsenal, thereby mixing the likes of Pick Up and Flutter with Diesler’s Sandcastles and King Seven’s impossible to find Hidden.

The selection is truly essential and almost every track is one to savour (almost, we say, because Belgradeyard Sound System’s urban-style rap on Munchies feels out of place with the overall vibe).

So what is there to especially look out for? First and foremost, probably, are the exclusive Bonobo tracks – the beautiful Recurring, which offers a sneak peek at the artist’s forthcoming new album (complete with a supreme bassline a third of the way through) and Change Down/The Sugar Rhyme, a self-made, self-referring bootleg that mashes together both of those tracks in surprising fashion.

Then there’s a souped-up version of his own Lalo Schiffrin, 70s funk-fuelled Pick Up, which could literally have you drooling as you hit the dance-floor in a sweaty lather!

All these choice Bonobo cuts are mixed and blended seamlessly with some absolute classics.

First and foremost is the Karminsky Experience’s Exploration, a superb mix of David Holmes-style funk and delicious sitar stabs.

Or the gorgeous Hidden, with its intoxicating blend of violins and guitars. If you haven’t been seduced already, you soon will be.

For the chill out, there’s even a supremely well thought out closing selection that ought to have you gazing out the window in quiet reflection.

Amon Tobin’s Easy Muffin is just pure class and the sort of track you know you’ll have heard somewhere before, while 60-year-old harpist Super Numeri brings things to a close with the poignant Otter’s Pond.

It Came From The Sea (in this case, Brighton) is everything you could wish for and more from a mix session. It is another masterpiece from the wizard that is Bonobo.

Track listing:
1. Bonobo – Solid Steel Intro
2. Diesler – Sandcastles
3. Bonobo – Flutter
4. Karminsky Experience – Exploration
5. Bonobo – Pick Up
6. Flevans – Hey Mr Bundle
7. Black Grass – Score
8. Solid Steel Players – Les Fingres
9. Belgradeyard Sound System – Munchies (I-wolf Feat.DJ Collage Remix)
10. Paul Murphy – Soul Call
11. King Seven – Hidden
12. Bonobo – Recurring
13. Bonobo – Change Down/The Sugar Rhyme
14. Jazz Juice – Marra Bossa
15. Nat Adderly – Introduction
16. Hugo Maldoro – I Know A Little Cuban
17. Trouble Man – Change Is What We Need
18. Amon Tobin – Easy Muffin
19. Savath & Savalas – Paths In Soft Focus
20. Super Numeri – Otters Pond