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Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News

Broadway Calls, Good Views, Bad News

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

BROADWAY Calls are a punk rock band who deliver sunshine melodies and a bounce and energy to rival early Green Day and, of course, the likes of Blink-182.

Ironically, they were originally signed by Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong, and cite classic punk rock acts such as The Ramones and The Buzzcocks as inspirations.

The sophomore album from the Oregon outfit won’t win awards for originality and is derivative of plenty of other US punk rock acts. But it’s catchy and has plenty of style. Sometimes, formulaic can be cool.

Lyrically, they’re pretty smart. Election Night reflects on the history-making election of President Obama (“no more lies or bad excuses”), while album highlight Basement Royalty is a loud, meaty call-to-arms to the spirit of the underdog.

Conversely, melody-strewn offerings such as Sundowners tap into radio-friendly territory and are great accompaniments to beach crowds, surf or skateboard parties and festival-going.

Songs like Tonight Is Alive boast an anthemic, chant-along quality that should also help to establish them as live favourites, along with the rousing Best Year, while album closer At The End ends things on a mature note by way of the album’s one and only ballad.

In truth, there could be a little more variety and a few changes in tempo… one more ballad-style track like At The End would have been great.

But if you like punk rock and are looking for the next Green Day to fly your way, then Broadway Calls are shaping up nicely. Good Views, Bad News delivers the goods in fine style.

Download picks: Election Night, Basement Royalty, Best Year, At The End

Track listing:

  1. Midnight Hour
  2. Be All That You Can’t be
  3. Election Night
  4. Basement Royalty
  5. To The Sheets
  6. Give Up The Ghost
  7. Sundowners
  8. Tonight Is Alive
  9. Best Year
  10. Wake Up Call
  11. At The End
  12. Call Out (vinyl only)