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Calvin Harris has Twitter rant over bad reviews for new LP

Calvin Harris, human keyboard

Story by Jack Foley

CALVIN Harris has had a public meltdown on Twitter over the bad reviews his new album, Ready For The Weekend, has so far attracted.

Tapping into the current trend for blogging daily updates on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the artist outlined his dismay at the negative reaction that has greeted his sophomore LP.

He wrote: “Imagine you just spent two years of your life making a record. On your own. Every single day, long hours, working to get it sounding right.

“Imagine the buzz of making something that you love, and after two years you finally have something you can’t wait for other people to hear … then imagine that CD landing on the desk of ‘snide rich persons kid’ or ‘pathetic london scene-FACE, then them skipping through the tracks in their lunch break, and saying ‘well its Calvin Harris isn’t it? 2 stars, he’s a dick head’. I’m telling you now that it doesn’t feel good.”

Writing in block capitals, as if to emphasis his anger and the points he’s trying to make, Harris adds: “THIS ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS FULL OF RICH PEOPLE’S KIDS, EVERYWHERE, FUCKING RICH PEOPLE’S KIDS RICH PEOPLE’S KIDS.”

And he even honestly admits: “Sorry, but it does affect me, + it is hurtful, + i know that it’s exactly what i wanted it to be, and I’m proud of it.”

Ready For The Weekend is available in record stores from Monday, August 17, when members of the public and fans can decide for themselves.

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