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Circuits - Bright As Midnight

Circuits, Bright As Midnight

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

CIRCUITS have gradually been gaining momentum as a band since forming in 2006. An early single, Pistols At Dawn, emerged as a real barnstormer and drew favourable comparisons with The Police.

Having toured extensively, they now release their debut album Bright As Midnight and look to capitalise on their newfound prominence thanks to radio hit Choir Invisible.

But while they’re certainly polished, confident and capable of mixing rabble-rousing rhythm and spiky staccatos of guitar and bass, they’re also pretty formulaic. Once you’ve rocked out to album openers City of Lights and Exit Strategy you quickly begin to realise that much of their music sounds the same.

And it’s also reminiscent of not only The Police, with its ska influence, but also more contemporary bands like Hard-Fi, in its social cynicism and DIY bravado, and Kaiser Chiefs, in many of its chant-along choruses.

Still, there’s still plenty to suggest that having arrived on the scene, they’ll be around for some time yet and there is room for improvement. Songs like the anthemic, sing-along Welcome To The End, with its rousing chorus and spiky riffs, and the lively Before It’s Over emerge as easy crowd-pleasers.

While the hard-hitting lyrics are never more prominent than in Exit Strategy, which opens with the line “I want my life back” before imparting pearls of wisdom such as “when you win the rat race you’re just a first place rat”.

Album closers A Thousand Ideas, which benefits from a slower pace and more thoughtful ideology, and Say No Say Yeah also end things on the right note, suggesting there’s plenty more to come.

The aforementioned Pistols At Dawn is notable by its absence but, in the main, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about Circuits’ future. Bright As Midnight is accomplished enough to suggest there’s a lot more to come from this outfit.

Download picks: Exit Strategy, Say No Say Yeah, Welcome To The End, Before It’s Over

Track listing:

  1. City Of Lights
  2. Exit Strategy
  3. The Choir Invisible
  4. Young Enough Not To Care
  5. A Question Mark Shaped Heart
  6. Welcome To The End
  7. Before It’s Over
  8. No Return
  9. A Thousand Ideas
  10. Say No Say Yeah