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Coldplay release Christmas song online


Story by Jack Foley

COLDPLAY have come over all festive by recording a cover version of their favourite Christmas song and making it available on their website.

The band have posted a version of The Pretenders’ hit 2,000 Miles, which was initially released way, way back in 1983.

Coldplay’s interpretation is now live on their website for all to hear and savour.

The track was initially available for download on their official site in 2003, when it became the top-selling UK download of the year and benefited the Future Forests and Stop Handgun Violence campaigns.

Revealing his Christmas song envy, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin confesses in hand-scrawled writing: “We love Christmas songs, but every time we try and write one it’s awful. So we cover them. Well, once or twice actually.”

We wish you a merry Christmas, Coldplay, and look forward to new material soon ;o)