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Craig Richards & Transparent Sound - The Two Headed Monster (Live)

Two Headed Monster (Live), Transparent Sounds

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

TRANSPARENT Sound have been leading the UK electro charge since forming in 1994, and just as their Transparent Sound Recordings imprint championed the electro-funk beats of the late Nineties, their latest label, Orson Records, is a similar vehicle for today’s experimental, electronic club sounds.

With The Two Headed Monster they have paired together Orson artists with like-minded, visionary producers and DJs to offer a snapshot of the music currently getting people on the dancefloor on the big club scene.

Sadly, the 2CDs that result have to rate as one of the most tedious listens I have recently had to endure.

Two Headed Monster is an achingly long compilation of terminally bland electro-charged records that blur into one hideous whole.

According to the publicity materials accompanying the release, “Transparent Sound have put together a live studio mix that draws on the many weird and wonderful styles of music that are influencing their productions”.

Hence, listeners are promised driving bass assaults on tracks like Vintage and Proper Techno through to more delicate and intricate rhythms on Variations Of An Attitude and Voyeur’s Chance.

No matter how many times the CDs change style, they remain “fluid and coherent throughout”.

Quite how this is the case became lost on me at about the midway point through the first CD, compiled by Craig Richards.

Transparent Sound’s set-list, on CD2, threatened to offer something a little different and mixed the electronic sounds and beats up a little – but not enough to save it from the mind-numbingly bland experience it continued to remain.

Die-hard fans of electro-funk and techno may be slain by this Two Headed Monster but everyone else should steer a million miles clear…

Track listing:

  1. Andy Toth – Jovian Zoology
  2. Sweet.NCandy – Mail
  3. Crane AK – Electrothermid
  4. Ryan Crosson – Artists Have Bad Haircuts
  5. Lineas De Nazca – Circuito Interior
  6. Apoll – From A To B’ Falko Brocksieper Remix
  7. Lexdinamo – Iky
  8. T. Raumschmiere – Knisterpop
  9. Und – Coccopuffs
  10. Motor – 1.1
  11. Alex Under – Gavroche
  12. Joel Mull – Untitled
  13. Actual Jakshun – Sequential Circus
  14. Louderbach – Grace (Anxiety)
  15. 2000 And One – Get Down’ Shinedoe Remix
  16. Ruadive – Turn It Off
  17. MarcAshken – Hair Up High
  18. Matt John – Jokebox


  1. Secrets Of The Sane
  2. Voyeur’s Chance
  3. Hell Bent
  4. The Cider Club
  5. Sucking Lemons
  6. Tales Of The Two Headed Monster
  7. Spot The Difference
  8. Proper Techno
  9. Vintage
  10. Variations Of An Attitude