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Creed - Full Circle

Creed, Full Circle

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

FULL Circle marks the first album of new material from nu-metal/alt rockers Creed since 2001’s Weathered. Yet while certainly welcome… it doesn’t mark much of a progression.

Rather, the album marks an underlining of Creed’s already established big rock credentials… and it still draws lots of comparisons with contemporaries such as Korn, Pearl Jam and Nickelback.

Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall remain a potent force, but Full Circle is one for the purists only.

The opening blasts are all about underlining the heavy tendencies that are a hallmark of bands of this sort. Opener and single Overcome is loud, fast, furious and a pretty decent starting point. Tremonti’s guitars are rousing and include one great solo moment, while Stapp’s aggressive, lived-in vocals are full of anguish and determination. It’s an anthem in waiting.

The Korn-like tendencies come out for Bread of Shame, one of the more excessive offerings and a real headache inducer. But they get it out of their system early and at least offer some diversity.

A Thousand Faces is their Nickelback moment… emotive lyrics, acoustic slow-build and a power ballad of rock proportions that shows they can capably balance melody with metal when the mood takes them.

The album rediscovers its pounding element on Suddenly and is neither here nor there for me, although Rain elevates proceedings again and is made for the term “radio friendly”. It’s here that the Pearl Jam comparisons become apparent… but it’s dripping in sing-along choruses, a keen sense of melody and boasts good vocals and stirling guitar work. It’s an easy highlight… followed by another in Away In Silence, another low-tempo, acoustically-based offering that offers some refreshing tenderness.

Thereafter, the mix is maintained between heavy and light. And, in truth, it’s the reigned in material that works best. So, while tracks like Fear appeal capably to the head-bangers among you, the greater rewards are to be found in slow-burners such as On My Sleeve and Time.

Full Circle won’t win any converts to the Creed cause, and doesn’t mark too much of a stretch for them, but it’s a competent offering and a welcome comeback that ticks all the right boxes for this kind of thing.

Download picks: Overcome, A Thousand Faces, Rain, Away In Silence, On My Sleeve, Time

Track listing:

  1. Overcome
  2. Bread Of Shame
  3. Thousand Faces, A
  4. Suddenly
  5. Rain
  6. Away In Silence
  7. Fear
  8. On My Sleeve
  9. Full Circle
  10. Time
  11. Good Fight
  12. The Song You Sing