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Daedelus - Love To Make Music To

Daedelus, Love To Make Music To

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

DAEDELUS’ latest album, Love To Make Music To, is described as an homage to early rave culture from the UK which he first heard in a YMCA whilst on holiday in London aged 15.

But therein lies its biggest problem. Fans of the rave movement will probably have a good time revelling in its hedonistic nostalgia. Anyone who missed the boat, though, will probably find a lot of it passes them by.

The album opens strong enough, with the clap-happy, breezy electronica of Fair Weather Friends, before careering just as gleefully into the lead single, Make It So, a vibrant beat of hip hop and soul that features a smooth vocal contribution from Michael Johnson. Both tracks contain an easy going vibe that suggests the listener is in for a pretty fantastic summer dance album.

Twist The Kids, though, changes the direction of the album and takes it firmly into rave territory. Its aggressive beats and wailing arm-like synths add much more menace, while N’fa’s vocals conform to a much more urban sound. When it gets going, there’s traces of early Prodigy.

But thereafter, the album tosses in one monotonous beat after another – some of them straightforwardly rave, others tipping their hat to urban hip hop, such as Touchtone, featuring Paperboy and Taz.

Other tracks are just a blip heavy collection of experimentalism that’s more frustrating than inspired, with even the likes of the cartoonish You’re The One failing to pull off its off-kilter blend of hip hop, warped vocals, swirling swings and Loony Tunes cuteness.

By the time you reach the thumping basslines and beats of Only For The Heartstrings or the dreary trance of Bass In It, you’ll realise just how far the album has strayed from the feelgood nature of its opening two or three efforts.

Sadly, the need to revisit them will have long since faded and you’ll probably be seeking respite in some other favourite dance album. Coming from an artist as adventurous as Daedelus, and a label like Ninja Tune, that’s all the more disappointing.

Download picks: Fair Weather Friends, Make It So, Twist The Kids

Track listing:

  1. Fair Weather Friends
  2. Make It So – Daedelus & Michael Johnson
  3. Twist The Kids – Daedelus & N’fa
  4. Get Off Your Hihats
  5. Hrs:Mins:Secs
  6. Touchtone – Daedelus & Paperboy/Taz
  7. I Car(ry) Us
  8. I Took Two
  9. My Beau – Daedelus & Erika Rose/Paperboy
  10. You’re The One – Daedelus & Om’mas Keith
  11. Assembly Lines
  12. Drummery Jam
  13. Only For The Heartstrings
  14. Bass In It – Daedelus & Taz
  15. If We Should – Daedelus & Laura Darlington