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Daniel Carlson - Me You You Me (Review)

Daniel Carlson, Me You You Me

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

DANIEL Carlson’s sophomore album Me You You Me has so far been likened to everyone from Beck through to ’70s era Pink Floyd and Sean Lennon. It’s easy to see why.

A hybrid of European psychedelia and US influenced downbeat experimental sounds, the album comes across as though it has been created by a 60’s-pop psychedelic soul who had grown up on post-rock, shoegaze, electronica and math-rock and incorporated those influences. Hence, it’s certainly fascinating, if an acquired taste.

At its best, it delivers show-stopping tracks like the dreamy I’m Tired, which vocally sounds like Beck and Floyd, complete with the type of trippy tendencies that made Pink Floyd so enduring. It’s a beguiling track that goes to the heart of why Carlson is highly regarded.

However, if there’s a criticism, it’s that there are perhaps one too many tracks that are content to follow the same formula, no matter how lyrically thought-provoking songs are.

Hence, tracks like Pearl and Seven Seas bear a lot of similarities to I’m Tired without necessarily hitting the same heights. If you heard them as a single, they might make a more immediate impression. But in the context of the same album, there’s a danger they can blur into one. Carlson needed perhaps one or three more tracks to really shake up the mix and keep things really eclectic.

Nevertheless, Eko has a tripped out quality that makes for a good piece of chillout, while Lost Your Mind rounds off the album with a melodic, organ-led offering that screams back to the ’70s, complete with bittersweet lyrics.

Put together, this is an album that’s easy to admire but perhaps a little more difficult to love.

Download picks: I’m Tired, Lost Your Mind

Track listing:

  1. Lin’s
  2. Heaven’s Sake
  3. If I Could Try
  4. I’m Tired
  5. Pearl
  6. Seven Seas
  7. It’s A Joke
  8. I Can See It
  9. Eko
  10. Lost Your Mind