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Danko Jones - Never Too Loud

Danko Jones, Never Too Loud

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE name of the album tells you a lot about what you need to know about Danko Jones. Never Too Loud is a high voltage rock album that doesn’t do things by half measures. Rather, they wear their influences on their guitar straps, citing Motorhead and AC/DC as big factors in their ethos.

Hailing from Canada, they’re rapidly winning friends on the rock circuit, with many hailing the unbridled enthusiasm of lead singer and guitairst Jones being a particularly endearing factor.

And, somewhat surprisingly, they’re not at all bad. There was a fear, when listening to the somewhat ordinary riffs of album opener Code Of The Road, that they’d be quite a one-note rock act, content just to thrash around and resort to formula.

But Still In High School, with its adolescent views on sex and education, is a fun listen that boasts a strong chorus (keen on melody) and some witty lyrics, while Take Me Home, which softens the riffs and plays up the melody, is a genuine pleaser (more Fountains of Wayne-style pop rock than AC/DC stadium filler). It’s a great track for California cruisin’.

Let’s Get Undressed is a guilty pleasure rock-out that reminded me of Kid Rock, while Forest For The Trees is a meaty six-minute speaker blaster that channels the energy of Sabbath quite effectively. The guitar work is particularly searing.

The album, as a whole, does eventually run out of ingenuity after this point, peaking a little too early and appearing content to do exactly as I’d initially feared – heavy rockers such as Never Too Loud, Your Tears My Smile and Something Better are particularly one dimensional and tended to wash over me.
But when t

Download picks: Still In High School, Forest For The Trees, Take Me Home

Track listing:

  1. Code Of The Road
  2. City Streets
  3. Still In High School
  4. Take Me Home
  5. Let’s Get Undressed
  6. King of Magazines
  7. Forest For The Trees
  8. Your Tears My Smile
  9. Something Better
  10. Ravenous
  11. Never Too Loud