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Death Remains - Stand.Fight.Believe (Review)

Death Remains, Stand.Fight.Believe

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

DEATH Remains are a British metal band who exist to make noise and make relevant points about the society that surrounds them.

Their debut album, Stand.Fight.Believe, is therefore about everyday struggles, standing your ground and never giving in. Metal fans will probably identify with the formula.

The songs are screamed and bellowed in the type of conformist metal style that makes it almost impossible to hear what’s being said. Hence, a lot of the points get lost amid the mayhem.

On a track like Blood Brothers they do, at least, take occasional breaks from the wailing to deliver a chanted chorus. But it’s still delivered in throat ripping style, so that it’s amazing lead singer has any kind of voice left at all by the time he’s finished.

Title track Stand.Fight.Believe is, of course, the epicentre…. the calling card for the album’s persistent themes. It actually drops one of the best openings on the LP, stripping things down to an almost mellow refrain with melodic guitar riffs and a female harmony ushering in a potential cigarette lighter moment.

A marching band style drum beat then introduces the vocals, which while still anguished, repeat the name of the song over and over as the guitars gather momentum and actually feel quite empowering. It’s the one time that the album genuinely offers something different. But it’s all too brief, clocking in at a little over two and a half minutes.

Normal service is then resumed with The Last Good Fight I’ll Ever Know, which begins with a fighting rallying call and plenty of swearing, before hitting listeners with an almighty Goth-driven vocal.

Innocence provides one more tolerable moment, when any sense of melody is retained (albeit fleetingly amid the pounding drums), but thereafter it’s a full speed ahead, metal infused rush to the finish.

Metal fans may be about to hail a new favourite band. But no one else need apply. But for one fleeting moment, this is largely unappealing noise.

Download pick: Stand.Fight.Believe

Track listing:

  1. Work Sleep Repeat
  2. Martyr’s Dream
  3. Carriers
  4. Blood Brothers
  5. The Northern Line Massacre
  6. Stand.Fight.Believe
  7. The Last Good Fight I’ll Ever Know
  8. Cold Farewell
  9. Innocence
  10. Proof of Life
  11. Cincinnati Bowtie