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Delays - You See Colours

Delays, You See Colours

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE falsetto-sound of indie-popsters The Delays returns for a welcome second outing on the joyously upbeat You See Colours, a worthy follow-up to the excellent Faded Seaside Glamour.

The album pretty much soars from the outset, thanks to the uplifting strings that accompany the arrival of opening track, You And Me and its warm, infectious glow.

The track is as instantly likeable as Wanderlust and proves the Southampton-based outfit has lost none of its ability to deliver pleasingly catchy melodies.

Next up is former single, Valentine, with its disco thumping beats and slightly more electronic focus – which is a feature of this sophomore effort as a whole.

The Delays broke through on a guitar-based indie sound that is replicated in several places here, but never over-used. Instead, the band seek to diversify, mixing some disco-friendly beats with slabs of electronica and a sound that is both retro and contemporary.

Throughout, Greg Gilbert’s cloud-busting vocals stamp proceedings with a welcome sense of familiarity that will continue to delight The Delays’ ever-expanding army.

Further highlights come in the form of This Town’s Religion, which reverts back to more straightforward indie-rock guitar riffs and a grittier edge.

And the shimmering, beautifully melodic Winter’s Memory of Summer with its elegant string backdrop and joyously infectious style. It’s a ballad but it doesn’t feel sentimental in the slightest – rather a celebration of life.

There are some smart beats accompanying Hideaway, which contains another killer hook and a delicious chorus, while Waste of Space closes things out in suitably flamboyant fashion with yet more tinkling melodies and breezy guitar riffs.

You See Colours may have taken a little while to emerge from Faded Seaside Glamour’s glory but it proves that The Delays are very much a band on the rise.

As winter threatens to give way to spring, this ought to provide the perfect soundtrack as its sunshine harmonies accompany the sun’s warm glow.

Track listing:

  1. You And Me
  2. Valentine
  3. This Towns Religion
  4. Sink Like A Stone
  5. Too Much In Your Life
  6. Winters Memory Of Summer
  7. Given Away
  8. Hideaway
  9. Lillian
  10. Out Of Nowhere
  11. Waste Of Space