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Desolation Yes! - Out of Orbit (Review)

Desolation Yes!, Out of Orbit

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

SCOTTISH/Slovakian rockers Desolation Yes! are all about making noise. They fuse industrial, techno and pop and have plenty of attitude to match the intensity of their instrumentals.

But their new album Out of Orbit is often a little too in your face and aggressive to really provide a great listen.

Early on, there are some promising moments. Shivers contains plenty of hooks and a driving guitar that showcases the electro-rock sound the band have often been credited with possessing.

While One has a dance/rock feel that is energetic and which is further augmented by a set of vocals from Paul Elliott that really do echo Placebo’s Brian Molko. Indeed, it’s no small compliment to say that this song, in particular, echoes both Placebo and early Idlewild and therefore boasts broad appeal.

But the deeper you get into the album, the less convincing and appealing it becomes.

The sound moves away from the rock to the more electronic and therefore more industrial and techno-orientated. And when that sonic assault steps up in intensity it becomes a bit of a turn-off.

Army of Flesh is the possible exception, providing an interesting fusion of kick-ass beats and foreboding electronics that are set against spoken word vocals, as though Desolation Yes! had dropped in on an interview.

But on moments like the frenzied, punk-inflicted Radio, the techno-leaning Repent or the loud and obnoxious America, which is a punk rock rant rooted in electronica too, they lose the plot and their likeability almost completely.

Download picks: One, Shivers, Army of Flesh

Track listing:

  1. Shivers
  2. Atrophy
  3. One
  4. Silence
  5. Repent
  6. Radio
  7. Army of Flesh
  8. Psychoelectrical
  9. Tech
  10. America